inso generate config

Similar to the Kong Kubernetes and Declarative config plugins for Designer, this command can generate configuration from an API specification, using openapi-2-kong.


Option Alias Description
--type <type> -t type of configuration to generate, options are kubernetes and declarative (default: declarative )
--output <path> -o save the generated config to a file in the working directory


inso generate config [options] [identifier]

Execute the given specification, the user will be prompted to select a specification if one is not passed as an option.


Not specifying any arguments will prompt

$ inso generate config

Scope by the specification name or id

$ inso generate config spc_46c5a4
$ inso generate config "Sample Specification"

Saving configuration output to file

$ inso generate config spc_46c5a4 --type declarative > output.yaml
$ inso generate config "Sample Specification" --output output.yaml

Changing configuration output type

inso generate config "Sample Specification" --type kubernetes

More examples: #2338.

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