inso run test

With the introduction of Unit Testing in Insomnia, this command adds the functionality to execute unit tests written inside Insomnia in your terminal or in a CI/CD environment. On execution, Inso will report test results, and exit with an appropriate exit code.


Option Alias Description
--env <identifier> -e the environment to use - an environment name or id
--reporter <value> -r reporter to use, options are dot, list, spec, min and progress (default: spec )
--test-name-pattern <regex> -t run tests that match the regex
--bail -b abort ("bail") after the first test failure
--keep-file do not delete the generated test file (useful for debugging)


inso run test [identifier]

This prompts user for unit test suite and environment selection. After selection it will execute the selected unit test suite against the selected environment. You may choose to specify the suite and environment directly as well, see examples below.

identifier can be the name or id of a workspace, document, or unit test suite.


When running in the example git-repo directory

Not specifying any arguments will prompt

inso run test

Scope by the document name or id

inso run test "Sample Specification" --env "OpenAPI env"
inso run test spc_46c5a4 --env env_env_ca046a

Scope by the a test suite name or id

inso run test "Math Suite" --env "OpenAPI env"
inso run test uts-7f0f85 --env env_env_ca046a

Scope by test name regex, and control test running and reporting

inso run test "Sample Specification" --testNamePattern Math --env env_env_ca046a
inso run test spc_46c5a4 --reporter progress --bail --keepFile

More examples: #2338.