inso export spec

This command will extract and export the raw OpenAPI specification from the data store. If the --output option is not specified, the specification will print to console.


Option Alias Description
--output <path> -o save the specification to a file in the working directory


inso export spec [identifier]

 Export the given specification, the user will be prompted to select a specification if one is not passed as an option. This can also be a file on your filesystem.

identifier can be a specification name, or id


When running in the example git-repo directory

Not specifying any arguments will prompt

$ inso export spec

Scope by the specification name or id

$ inso export spec spc_46c5a4
$ inso export spec "Sample Specification"

Saving configuration output to file

$ inso export spec spc_46c5a4 --output output.yaml 
$ inso export spec spc_46c5a4 > output.yaml