Team Collaboration

Teams gives you the ability to collaborate on Insomnia Request Collections with other people. Once a Request Collection is shared with a team, data is made available to everyone on the team once pushed.

Creating a Team

A team can be created in the web dashboard. Note that you have to either be on an Insomnia trial or be a paying Teams subscriber to create a team.

Sharing Request Collections with a Team

By default, nothing is shared with a team until explicitly specified. To share a Request Collection with a team, click the Share button at the top right of the application while inside a Request Collection.

Can't see the Share button/Sync menu? Make sure to log into the app first.

Now, select the team that you would like to share the Request Collection with.

Note: all synchronized data is first encrypted before being sent over the network, meaning that not even Insomnia's servers can access your sensitive data.

This will give all members of the team access to the request. Once given access, team members will see shared request collections appear under the Pull button on the Dashboard:

Teams Support

If you have any questions about Teams, don't hesitate to reach out by contacting

Note, the free trial is limited to 5 team members. See the Team Questions FAQ for more information.