You can install Insomnia on a wide variety of platforms. If you have not downloaded a copy of Insomnia, do so first by visiting the Downloads Page.


The Mac application is a disk image .dmg installer and can be installed by double clicking the file. This will install Insomnia to your /Applications folder.

Insomnia can also be installed using Brew Cask via the insomnia package.

brew cask install insomnia


The Windows application is a generic installer .exe. Double click the installer file to install Insomnia.


There are many distributions of Linux in the world. Insomnia should be able to run on the most popular ones.

There is a Debian package hosted on Bintray that can be added and installed using apt-get. You can also manually download the latest debian package  here.

# Add to sources
echo "deb /" \
    | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/insomnia.list

# Add public key used to verify code signature
wget --quiet -O - \
    | sudo apt-key add -

# Refresh repository sources and install Insomnia
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install insomnia

Arch Linux
There is an insomnia AUR Package that can be used which will provide auto updating.

Other Linux Distributions
Other Linux distributions are supported via an AppImage package. This package is a complete self-contained executable and does not require installation. Double click the package or run it from the command line.

Note: you may need to set the package as executable from your command line.

chmod +x insomnia.AppImage


Here are some issues that have caused problems for Linux users in the past

  • /tmp folder must allow execution
  • missing libcurl dependency

Previous Versions

To roll-back, you can download a previous version from the Releases Page. Keep in mind that this process is only intended for debugging and emergencies, as the app will try to update itself after it launches.