Migrate From 2.0

The previous version 2.0 of Insomnia was a Chrome application, installed via the Chrome Web Store. Due to certain limitations of Chrome Apps, Insomnia is now a standalone desktop app and is supported on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Step 1 – Install Insomnia Desktop

Download a copy of Insomnia for your platform. Once downloaded, double click the file to launch the installer (Mac and Windows).

Step 2 – Export Data from Insomnia 2.0

  • Open Insomnia 2.0 (Chrome App)
  • Open the settings dialog by clicking the dropdown in the top left
  • Click the Export button
  • Save the export file to your computer

Note: If you have multiple workspaces, you will need to export them each individually.

Step 3 – Import Data into Insomnia Desktop

  • Open Insomnia Desktop
  • Open the import dialog by clicking the dropdown menu in the top left
  • Select the file that you saved in the previous step

Enjoy the App!

That’s it! Now you can carry on with your work and enjoy the new features of 4.0 including Cookie Management, Environment Variables, and Code Snippets.