Run-In-Insomnia Button

Create your own run button here:

A run button provides an easy way for websites to provide one-click access to an Insomnia workspace. A run button can be created in seconds and can be placed in any HTML or Markdown document.

Run in Insomnia

Creating a Sample Button

For this example, we will use GitHub Gists to host an Insomnia export of a sample workspace. Download Export

Creating a button requires just two things:

  1. A descriptive name of the workspace and 
  2. The URL of the Insomnia export file.

We'll enter these into the Run Button Generator.

After the information is entered, we can copy the generated HTML, which will produce the following button. Go ahead, try it out!

Run in Insomnia

This button can be placed on any website, including GitHub repositories, API documentation, or support pages. Clicking the button will automatically open the Insomnia app on the user's desktop and import the workspace.