You can install Insomnia Designer on a wide variety of platforms. If you have not downloaded a copy of Insomnia Designer, do so first by downloading the latest release from the Releases Page.


The Mac application is a disk image .dmg installer and can be installed by double clicking the file. This will install Insomnia Designer to your /Applications folder.


The Windows application is a generic installer .exe. Double click the installer file to install Insomnia.


Insomnia Designer should be able to run on most popular Linux distributions. Insomnia Designer is only compatible with 64-bit systems. 

You can download the latest release from here:


Here are some issues that have caused problems for Linux users in the past:

  • /tmp folder must allow execution
  • missing libcurl dependency

Previous Versions

To roll-back, you can download a previous version from the Releases Page. Keep in mind that this process is only intended for debugging and emergencies, as the app will try to update itself after it launches.

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