Insomnia Designer

Insomnia Designer is a collaborative API Design editor built on-top of the Insomnia REST client (now called Insomnia Core) for designing, managing, debugging, and testing APIs. The primary goal of Insomnia Designer is to empower existing workflows, and provide unified workflows where needed. 

Backed by Insomnia Core, powered by source control, and built with love. 💖

OpenAPI 2.x and 3.x Support

Insomnia Designer was built to support OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) 2.x and 3.x out of the box when editing, linting, previewing, and auto-generating requests. Insomnia Designer does prefer that you use YAML when dealing with specifications.


Enforcing and validating that your specification is correct at all times is a breeze with Insomnia Designer. As you type, Insomnia Designer validates your specification and alerts you to issues and errors the moment they are made.

Want to validate your specs? Check it out

Auto-Generate Requests

When it comes to making requests, who wants to build requests manually when there is a specification that already documents what fields or headers are needed? Insomnia Designer understands this and converts your specification in real-time to actual requests to help you get started. No more manual request building.

Learn more here.

Plugin System

Since Insomnia Designer is built on-top of Insomnia Core, it naturally has the capability of being extended through plugins. Not only does it have this capability, but it has pushed the API even further by allowing plugins to extend the interface with custom UI.

Want to make your own? Read the docs

Source Control

Insomnia Designer works locally on your filesystem, but it can also sync with your source control repositories through a feature we call Git Sync. All common providers such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and more... are supported out of the box!

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